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1. Homestead Exemption Program

The Homestead Exemption Program is provided as property tax relief for homeowners that are over age 65, or permanently disabled or legally blind. To see if you qualify, use the following link. HomesteadExemptionProgram 


2. South Carolina Property Tax Relief

The most recent amendment to the South Carolina Property Tax Relief was granted to homeowners in Act 388 of 2006. This tax relief will be reflected on the 2007 tax year notices that will be mailed in October 2007. In summary, the homeowner (Owner Occupied) will be exempt from paying school operations taxes. The state in Act 388 increased sales tax by one-cent to fund the school operating exemption.


3. South Carolina Property Tax Exemptions

The classification of exempt property from property taxes for South Carolina is listed in SC Code Section 12-37-220 and is included on the Department of Revenue’s link to the Instructions

(Form PT-401-I) and the Application for Exemption (Form PT-401).


4. Lexington County School District Property Relief Act

  • The Lexington County School District Property Relief Act added to the state sales tax a one-cent tax in Lexington County to provide property tax relief for taxpayers to fund the school districts capital projects, lease/purchases and then to school operations.
  • Partial year tax credits were applied in tax year 2005 and full year credits in tax year 2006. These credits are based on the average daily attendance (60%) and population (40%) in each school district.
  • A credit factor is used for each school district and is applied to the appraised value of property. The amount of this credit is shown on the tax bill for each taxpayer.
  • Act 378 of 2004 , Act 427 of 2006 , Act 382 of 2008 and Act 88 of 2011 were passed into law to provide school district property relief for taxpayers in Lexington County.

5. Servicemember Civil Relief Act (SCRA) & Military Spouses Residency Relief Act (MSRRA)