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Community Development Zoning Office



Introduction to the Zoning Ordinance

The Lexington County Zoning Office is responsible for reviewing new zoning applications, assisting with requests for zoning map amendments and variances, responding to complaints of zoning violations, and answering citizen inquiries.


Zoning ordinances in Lexington County were enacted in 1976 by County Council (and amended many times since) to promote public health, safety, morals, convenience, order, prosperity, and general welfare of the citizens of Lexington County. These ordinances protect both the property owner’s interest in their own property as well as the neighboring properties. Zoning ordinances are a way to safeguard the interests of the residents and property owners in Lexington County.


A zoning permit is required for:
• New Construction
• Changes to Existing Structures
• Site Improvement
• Change in activity at the property
• New tenants
• New signs or sign modifications
• Home based businesses


Process to appy for and receive a zoning permit

    Process to apply for and receive a sign permit

    Process to apply for and receive a home occupation permit

    Process to request a zoning variance




Board of Zoning Appeals

There are nine members of the Lexington County Board of Zoning Appeals (BZA), each representing a Council District. The BZA hears appeals and requests for variances from the Zoning Ordinance. The BZA meets on the 2nd floor of the County Administration Building at 6:00 p.m. on the third Tuesday of each month. The deadline for a project to be put on the BZA agenda is is no later than Noon (12:00 p.m.) on the second (2nd) Friday of the month preceding the month of the meeting. (Example: The deadline for the July meeting would be no later than noon on the second (2nd) Friday in June.)


Items that may need to go to the BZA will require a full review before it is added to the BZA agenda and should be submitted well before the BZA agenda deadline. 


BZA meetings are aired live on Spectrum 1302. You can also view a recording of previous BZA meetings by visiting the Lexington County Video Web Portal


Board of Zoning Appeals Meeting Agenda


Meeting Agendas