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County Council
Lexington County Council

212 South Lake Drive

Suite 601

Lexington, SC  29072

(803) 785-8103

Special Committees


Communications  (Created February 10, 2004)

Johnny W. Jeffcoat, Chairman

M. Todd Cullum

William Bill Byrd

Boykin Roseborough
(added on 1/9/07 - no vote was necessary)

Michael T. Branning

(added by administrator 5/3/2011)


208 Plan Committee (Created August 22, 2006)

Bobby C. Keisler, Chairman

James E. "Jim" Kinard, Jr., Vice Chairman

Johnny W. Jeffcoat

M. Todd Cullum


Jail Overcrowding  (Created E/S September 27, 2005)

M. Todd Cullum, Chairman

George H. "Smokey" Davis, Vice Chairman

James E. "Jim" Kinard, Jr.

Bobby C. Keisler


GASB 45 Committee (Created August 26, 2008 - Appointed by Chairman Derrick)

Johnny W. Jeffcoat

William B. Banning, Sr.


***Space Utilization  (Created January 13, 2004)

Johnny W. Jeffcoat, Chairman

M. Todd Cullum, Co-Chairman

Bobby C. Keisler


***Dedication Committee  (Created October 25, 2005)

Johnny W. Jeffcoat, Co-Chairman

George H. "Smokey" Davis, Co-Chairman

Debra B. "Debbie" Summers

M. Todd Cullum

(Administrator to work with committee)


*Chairman of Council serves as a member of all committees at will
  Effective - January 18, 2005


***This was the original committee

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