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County Council


Contact Information

Lexington County Emergency Management Division

Michael J. Kalec

434 Ball Park Road

Lexington, SC  29072
Phone: 803-785-8343
Fax: 803-785-8628


Community Emergency Response Team (CERT)


LEPC/Hazardous Materials


Preparing for Emergencies


Quick Links/Information


Volunteer Organizations Active in Disaster (VOAD)


Weather Information


Emergency Management Division

When disaster strikes, will you and your family know what to do? How well you manage the aftermath of a disaster depends a great deal on your level of preparedness when disaster strikes. The following links offer information on preparing emergency kits for the family, making and practicing emergency plans, and other important preparedness activities. 


 Are you prepared for snow?  Are you prepared for storms? Are you prepared for a tornado? 
Are you prepared for a flood? Are you prepared for a fire? Are you prepared for a hurricane?


Be Prepared!



For Information on Hurricane Season, click here 

Other Helpful Links:

Are You Ready for a Hurricane?

Hurricane Preparedness Guide

NOAA Hurricane Outlook for 2013

South Carolina State Climatology Office Website




 For Information on Earthquakes, click here.




Register to Receive Emergency Warnings  


Help Lexington County Emergency Services get vital information to you. Lexington County now has the ability to do mass notifications during an emergency event in the County. Most Lexington County business and residential telephone landlines have been registered in the system. Citizens are urged to register any additional contact information such as cell phone numbers, pager numbers and email addresses to ensure that they receive emergency notifications ---- regardless of where they are at the moment. Register your information here.   




Questions and Concerns about the Flu


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