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from Lexington County Fire Services




Lexington County Fire Service participates in the American Lung Association Fight for Air Stair Climb


For the fifth consecutive year, Lexington County Fire Service participated in the American Lung Association Fight for Air Stair Climb on May 31st in Columbia. Firefighters make this climb in full gear in a 25-story building. Our team was the overall firefighter fundraising team with over $3700.00 raised. Team member firefighter Markey was the fastest firefighter out of the 23 firefighters participating. The team placed 1st in the firefighter team climb beating out teams from across the state.


Congratulations to our fire service team.


Lexington County's team Fastest team



Lexington County Fire Service Explorers Compete at Southeastern Fire School


On March 8th and 9th 2014 our newly formed Lexington County explorer post # 1974 competed in their first event as Lexington County Fire Service Explorers at Southeastern Fire School at  The South Carolina Fire Academy. This was a competition for  explorer posts from around the state. There were 15 teams represented at the competition.
The explorers  not only competed  but also received  a tour of the entire grounds and lunch was provided. The Fire Academy really welcomed everyone with open arms and made them feel at home. Each explorer left with a challenge coin and something of their choice from the South Carolina Fire Academy vendor. 
The competition consisted of a gear donning session and a hose deployment scenario. The donning scenario as a timed event and was judged by the student putting on all PPE including SCBA as fast as possible and correctly. The teams were compiled of four person teams and individual times were kept. The hose deployment included a four person team of explorers doughnut rolling three sections of hose, one 2 ½ 50 foot section and two 1 ¾ 50 sections,  then donning PPE without SCBA. The students deployed the 2 ½ to a fire hydrant and connected a gated wye at the opposite end. Then a section of 1 ¾ was connected to each side of the wye with a nozzle at the end. Once all this was completed the explorers crossed the finish line and raised their hands to signal the finish and to stop the time.
The Fire Service is truly proud of these young people and their commitment to the fire service . We are proud to say they are Lexington County Fire Service Explorers.







Lexington County Fire Service Banquet Honors Employees


Lexington County Fire Service held its annual awards dinner on October 30th at the Brookland Baptist Church Banquet and Conference Center. Mary King, WIS-TV News 10 Sunrise Anchor, was the Emcee for the evening. Approximately 250 firefighters and their guests attended the event.  The dinner is a time for the Fire Service to gather and recognize personnel for longevity through length of service, naming of the Firefighter and Fire Officer of the Year, as well as presenting meritorious awards and Chief’s Commendations for outstanding service.


A total of 55 service awards were presented to honored personnel with five to thirty years of service with Lexington County Fire Service for 2013.


Battalion Captain Keith Rawl was named the 2013 Fire Officer of the Year. The Firefighter of the Year Award was presented to Training Captain Brian Fulmer.


Chief’s Commendations were presented to: Tony Banco, Randy Arant, Nathan Prouse, Rollie Reynolds, Shelia Busby, Billy Gardner, Jason Smith, Robert Risinger, David Fulmer, Kayla Brock, Anthony D’Onofrio, Franklin Brooks, Hall Miller, Trevor Wyndham, Matt Schueneman, Chris Jackson, Michael Smith, Eddie Turner, Rusty Rivers


Honor Guard Team Member Award was presented to Apparatus Operator Michael Schlegel


Perfect Attendance Award: Firefighter Scott McCraw and Firefighter Sean O’Neal


Citizenship Award was presented to Assistant Chief Eddie Turner.


Training for Excellence Awards were presented to: Assistant Chief Eddie Turner, Battalion Chief Billy Gardner, Apparatus Operator Blaine Hinson, Apparatus Operator Chris Shirey, Apparatus Operator Kayla Brock, Apparatus Operator Tony Feraci


Emergency Response Team Awards were presented to: Brad Amick, Brian Rawl, Tim Spires, Mike Hannon, Steve Cannon, Chad Williams,  Tony Scoggin,  Rollie Reynolds,  Chris Jackson,  Chris Hallman,  Dan Nelson,  Justin Buck,  Michael Hendrix,  Wes Shepard,   Mark Hollis,  Byron McCraw, Travis Holliman,  Donald Poe,  and  John Cottrell


Meritorious Unit Awards were presented to:  Marion Wooten, Nick Shelton, Charlie Mengedoht, Tracy Taylor, Ryan Driggers, Bob Hackler, Blaine Hinson, Scott Kirkland,  Nathan Brunson, Adam Bacon, Chuck Sharpe, Tony Banco, Brent Addy, Jeff Berry, Vinton Gillerson, Jamie Head, Eric Koerner, Alex Kimball, Keith Mathias, Jeff Berry, Delorme Arant, Justin Crout, James Long, Brittany Prouse


Medical Life Saving Award were presented to: Michael Smith, Steve Cannon, Chris Hallman, Mark Hollis




Lexington County Fire Service Hosts NYFD Rescue 5


On Tuesday, November 19th, Lexington County Fire Service hosted the Remembrance Rescue Project by having  Rescue 5 from New York City on display at the Fire Training Center.  The  Remembrance Rescue Project was created by firefighters to restore, preserve and share  Rescue 5 as an education tool, historical artifact, and memorial.  The Project involving former FDNY Rescue 5 is an education effort focused at society, especially youngsters who were too young to actually understand the events of September 11th and what that day means to members of the fire service and the country as a whole.  The Project strives to keep the memories alive of those lost on September 11th and all firefighters killed in the line of duty every year.  Rescue 5 responded to the World Trade Center on 9/11 with 11 firefighters assigned to the truck.   Rescue 5 is currently being driven around the country stopping at fire departments to facilitate 9/11 educational programming, memorials and remembrance events.  For additional information from please visit the website




Firefighter Recruit School Graduates Ninth Class


The Lexington County Fire Service is proud to announce the graduation of the ninth class of its Firefighter Recruit School.  The graduation was held at the Lexington Municipal Conference Center on November 8, 2013.  Twenty-four graduating recruits were recognized.


Firefighter Recruit School 13-01 began instruction in August at the County Fire Training Center.  Instructors and mentors from the Fire Service conducted the training over a fourteen-week period.  The recruit firefighters were trained and certified in various realms of firefighting, hazardous materials, emergency medical care and fire apparatus operations.  Recruits not only learned the technical aspects of firefighting but also were trained in physical fitness, teamwork and leadership skills which prepared them for success in their fire service careers.


Welcome and congratulations to the Lexington County Fire Service Recruit Class 13-01.  Graduates include:   Brandon Bargaheiser (Honor Graduate and Class Leader), Gary Coyle, Michael Pfeiffer, John Beasley, Nicolas Emasie, Mario Griffin, Matthew Howard, Michael Klawer, Joseph Knight, Joe Leeks, Chastin Lockhart, Douglas Mackey, Andrew Massey (Physical Fitness Award), Daniel Mazzone, Jody McCraw, Gary Merrill, Shanon Middleton, Hunter Poston, Eric Reed, Michael Roberson, Michael Ross, Eric Shirley, David Shumpert (Academic Award) and Jeffery Williams.




2013 Lexington County MDA Boot Drive Raises $33,593.96

On  October 2 - 4, firefighters from Lexington County Fire Service took part in the annual MDA boot drive to raise funds to battle Muscular Dystrophy.  Lexington County firefighters collected $33,593.96 at major intersections across Lexington County during this three-day event.  This money will be used to help families in the Midlands living with this neuromuscular disease.  Thanks to those who participated to help find a cure for this disease, as well as providing these families with lifesaving services including visits to the MDA clinic, flu shots, assistance with repairs to medical equipment,  and MDA summer camp. 




Recent Fire Service News from The County Scoop


Excerpts from The County Scoop, October 2013 





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