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EMS Training Programs:

For information regarding reciprocity and certifying for EMS in South Carolina visit:: DHEC EMS





Public Training & Education Programs: 


Public Access Defibrillation for your workplace, church or school


Student Precepting/Ride Alongs/Job Shadowing



EMS Explorers

Welcome to the Lexington County EMS Explorer Program page. Our post is led by Lexington County EMS advisors. As a branch of the Boy Scouts of America, our EMS Explorers are involved in many activities ranging from community show & tell events to assisting EMS units with patient care. The program is open to students 14 to 20 years of age who reside in Lexington County school districts.


Founded in 2009, Post 32 has participated in numerous activities including Show & Tell displays, community parades and festivals, CPR and First Aid Classes and assisting in large scale training exercises. Many Explorers have gone on to use the training and experience they receive from the program to pursue careers in Public Safety, Health Care and the military. 

Explorers have the opportunity to ride along with EMS units, depending on their level of training. The Explorer Post offers a great opportunity for high school students to experience the challenges and rewards of EMS first hand to see if a career in EMS is right for them.


For information on joining Explorer Post #32, contact the Lexington County EMS PIERTraining Office at (803) 785-8148


Additional information is available at Indian Waters Council BSA


More on becoming an EMS Explorer




 Free CPR Class!




Lexington County EMS is committed to providing public education about EMS and your health. You do not have to be in EMS to be a lifesaver. We offer regularly scheduled free CPR classes geared to the public. Although in EMS we continue to take advantage of technical advancements in pre-hospital medicine that improve the outcome of our patients, the greatest factors in saving lives following sudden collapse in adults due to a cardiac event are still early recognition and notification to 911, early CPR and early defibrillation. Learn how to perform these lifesaving steps by attending one of our free classes.



CAT - Community Action Team


Our Community Action Team, or CAT, is an active health partner in our communities and strives to fulfill our commitment to public education. Members are active EMS employees in our system who share an avid interest in educating and informing our citizens about EMS. For inquiries regarding ambulance Show and Tell sessions or participation in other school or educational functions, contact Micah Norman in the Training Division. Please provide adequate advance notice for presentation requests. 



Is it an Emergency? The American College of Emergency Physicians (TM) addresses common concerns



When should I call EMS? Providing information on the appropriate use of the 911 system