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Stormwater Division - Sediment and Erosion Control




Design the site to infiltrate Stormwater into the ground and to keep it out of storm drains.


Phase construction so that only the minimal amount of soil is exposed.

Vegetate exposed areas with permanent or temporary seeding upon reaching final grade.

Vegetate or cover stockpiles that will not be used immediately.

Identify and protect areas where existing vegetation, such as trees, will not be disturbed by construction activity.

Protect and install buffers along water bodies to slow and filter Stormwater runoff.

Use rock or other appropriate material to cover the storm drain inlet to filter out trash and debris, if inlet filters are used maintains them regularly.

Place aggregate or stone at vehicle exits to accommodate at least two tire revolutions of large construction vehicles.  This will remove much of the dirt on tires before the vehicle gets to the street.

Inspect and maintain silt fencing after each rainstorm.

- Make sure the bottom of silt fence is buried in the ground
- Securely attach the material to the steel posts
- Do Not place silt fences in the middle of a waterway or use them as a check dam

More information on the proper installation and maintenance of sediment and erosion controls can be found in the SCDHEC OCRM Stormwater Management BMP Handbook at: