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County Council

Contact Information


Public Works Department

440 Ball Park Road

Lexington, SC  29072

Phone: (803) 785-8201

Fax: (803) 785-8593 


Solid Waste Management

498 Landfill Lane

Lexington, SC  29073

Phone: (803) 755-3325

Fax: (803) 755-3833


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Lexington County Green Business Members


Benefits of Membership

More Information on Being Green



Lexington County Green Business Certification Program




Becoming a Green Business Member is Easy

Is your business doing its part to help the environment?  If so, then become a Lexington County Green Business Member.


The goal of the Lexington County Green Business Certification Program is to encourage Lexington County businesses to be outstanding stewards of the environment, thus preserving South Carolina’s natural resources, via waste reduction, recycling, energy efficiency, water conservation, and enhancing air quality.


Here's How

  1.  Create an Internal Green Team.
  2. Achieve 10 points in one of four areas. Refer to our Green Business Help Sheets for ideas and point values.
  3. Complete an application and submit it to Lexington County.

Businesses who achieve 10 points in all four areas become a Certified Green Business Member.


Green Business Program Overview










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