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Construction and Development Program 

The Stormwater Division is staffed with certified residential and commercial plan reviewers and inspectors who work to ensure compliance with the County’s Stormwater Management Ordinance and Land Development Manual.  New development projects must be reviewed and permitted by the Stormwater Division before land can be disturbed.


Stormwater Division   

Commercial Plan Review

Residential Plan Review

Plan Review Contacts
Stormwater Pollution Prevention Plan Checklist
Floodplain Management
Sediment and Erosion Control

Standard Procedures for Appealing to the Stormwater Advisory Board


Stormwater Complaint Form


Stormwater Ordinance

Stormwater Ordinance


Lexington County Land Development Manual

Public Works Stormwater Division

Land Development Manual

Table of Contents

Chapter 1: General

Chapter 2: Land Disturbance Permitting Procedures

Chapter 3: Design Requirements

Chapter 4: Road Design

Chapter 5: Inspections & Enforcement

Chapter 6: Floodplain

Chapter 7: References


Appendix A: Small Commercial Land Disturbance Application

Appendix A: NOI For Stormwater Discharge

Appendix B: S.C. DHEC BMP Manual

Appendix C: NPDES General Permit for Stormwater Discharges

Appendix D: Soils Map

Appendix E: Agreements & Certifications

      BMP Maintenance Agreement

     Commercial Bonding Process

     Construction BMP Maintenance Requirements

     Homebuilder EPSC Certification

     Pond Maintenance Agreement

     Transfer of Ownership Application  

Appendix F: Map of TMDLs and Impaired Waters
Appendix G: SWPPs
Appendix H: Flowcharts
Appendix I: Standard Details
Appendix J: BMP Uses
Appendix K: Review Checklists
Calculation Summary Table 

     Commercial Checklist
     Residential Checklist

Appendix L: Inspector Checklist

Appendix M: As-built Checklist

     As-built Checklist

Appendix N: Compliance Forms
Appendix O: Infiltration Basins
Appendix P: Recommended Plant Species