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General Information on Curbside Collection

Curbside service is available for all residents in Lexington County.  If you live within the limits of a city or town, please contact the appropriate municipality (listed with links on our main page) for service information.  If you live outside town or city limits (i.e. in the unincorporated area of Lexington County), please check the Service Area Map to find out which company provides service to your area.  Then, contact them directly to establish service, inquire about collection containers, fees, pick up schedules, etc.  Contact information is provided below. 


If you have any additional questions or problems, please call Lexington County Solid Waste Management at (803) 755-3325.


Items Collected Curbside

All containers/material must be at the curb with a minimum of three feet of clearance by 6:30 am on collection day.  When you sign up for curbside service, garbage, yard waste and recycling will all be picked up for the same fee. 


Garbage Rollcart

Picked up weekly

- Provided to residents that request curbside service

- Garbage/trash must be bagged to minimize roadside litter during pick up and transport.  


Yard Waste

- Picked up weekly

- Naturally occurring yard material only (leaves, branches, pine cones, weeds, etc.)

- Bag or pile neatly at the curb in 4 foot by 4 foot stacks.

- Tree branches greater than 4 feet in length or 4 inches in diameter must be brought to the Edmund Landfill.


Recycling Rollcart

- Picked up every other week

- See list of items accepted below


Large Bulky Items

- Contact franchise service provider for special pick up and fee schedule


Accepted for Curbside Recycling


General Instructions:

1. Empty and rinse all containers.

2. Place recyclables loosely in rollcart; do NOT put plastic bags in recycling bin with or without recyclables in them.  They jam the sorting equipment.

3. Use the Waste Wizard on the Solid Waste App - found on the Solid Waste main page, to determine acceptable items.


1. Glass

* Bottles, jugs and jars - rinse, discard non-glass caps/lids (small, loose items jam the sorting machines)

NO mirrors

NO dishware

NO windows

NO ceramics


2. Metal

* Aluminum drink cans - rinse, do not flatten

Steel food cans and lids - rinse, do not flatten, place lids inside cans or leave attached 

* Aerosol cans - empty, discard plastic nozzle and cap if possible 

NO pots and pans

NO aluminum foil, pans or trays

NO automotive parts

No electronics or cords


3. Paper

* Cardboard boxes - flattened

* Cartons, food and beverage - flattened, plastic lids discarded

* Books, soft covered

* Envelopes with plastic windows

* Magazines 

* Newspapers, inserts and coupons

* Office paper, any weight and color

* Paper bags

* Pizza boxes - no food, grease okay

* Phone books ( click here to opt out from receiving phone books)

* Unwanted mail

NO shredded paper

NO pieces of paper palm size or smaller (these jam the sorting machines)

NO waxed products

NO tissue paper, paper towels, diapers

NO disposable paper plates, cups


4. Plastics

* All plastics numbered #1 - #7

* Bottles, jugs and jars - rinse, do not flatten, leave screw cap on, discard pop-off lids

* Food containers - rinse, discard pop-off lids (these jam the sorting machines)

* Yogurt and butter containers - rinse, discard pop-off lids

NO lids

NO straws

NO syringes (put in plastic jar in household trash)

NO medicine bottles (take to local pharmacy)

NO hoses, hangers or other long, thin items (these jam the sorting machines)

NO rigid plastics (buckets, folding tables, large kids' toys)

NO plastic film i.e. produce bags, bread loaf bags, dry cleaning bags (take to local groceyr store)

NO plastic bags, with or without recyclables in them (take to local grocery store)



Not Accepted - (DIRTY DOZEN)

* Containers that held hazardous material

* Food Waste (curbside garbage collection)

* Electronics (accepted at retail stores, Edmund Landfill, during annual recycling events)

* Fluorescent bulbs (accepted at retail stores, Collection Centers, Edmund Landfill)

* Hazardous Waste (paint, pesticides, cleaners, toxic chemicals) (accepted during HHW events)

* Items smaller than 2 inches in diameter (curbside garbage collection)

* Medical Waste (curbside garbage collection)

* Plastic bags and plastic film & packaging (accepted at retail stores, curbside
                                     garbage collection)

* Scrap Metal (hangers, pots, toys - accepted at Collection Centers and Edmund Landfill)

* Shredded Paper (accepted in office paper container at Collection Centers)

* Styrofoam (curbside garbage collection)

* Textiles (bedding, clothing, housewares - thrift stores, Collection Centers) 



Curbside Requirement Waiver

Franchise Curbside Collection Program participants are required to place their roll cart at the curbside of the nearest public or private road/street/highway on the specified collection day. Participants who have a verifiable medical or physical disability that prevents them from doing so may submit a completed Medical/Physical Disability Verification Form to the Director of Solid Waste Management to request a waiver. With an approved waiver, the Franchise Service Provider will collect the roll cart container from a designated location adjacent to the house at the curbside rate.


Curbside Collection Franchise Service Providers

Waste Industries
7800 Farrow Road
Columbia, SC 29203
Phone: (803) 935-0249
Fax: (803) 935-0244

For updated information and weather delays, click here:

Advanced Disposal
49 Palmetto Court

Gaston, SC 29053
Phone: (803) 256-7276
Fax: (803) 748-9696
  For updated information and weather delays, click here:

The franchise agreement between these service providers and Lexington County recognizes each New Year's Day, Independence Day, Thanksgiving Day and Christmas Day as holidays. No collection occurs on these holidays.


Questions regarding residential solid waste collection should be directed to the service provider or the Lexington County Office of Solid Waste Management at (803) 755-3325.


Service Area Maps/Schedule

Please see chart below for monthly curbside collection rates; please contact your provider for specific questions.
 Service ProviderMonthly RateScheduled Pickup Map
 Advanced Disposal

Curbside - $15.95/mo.

Backyard - $30.45/mo.


 Area 1
 Advanced DisposalCurbside - $15.95/mo.

Backyard - $30.45/mo.


 Area 2

 Waste Industries

(1 Oct 2017- Rate Increase,
$0.20/mos or $0.60/qtr)

Curbside - $16.35/mo.

Backyard - $32.70/mo.


Area 3
  Advanced DisposalCurbside - $15.95/mo.

Backyard - $30.45/mo.

Area 4
  Advanced DisposalCurbside - $15.95/mo.

Backyard - $30.45/mo.


Area 5
  Advanced DisposalCurbside - $23.50/mo.

Backyard - $47.00/mo.

Area 6
  Advanced DisposalCurbside - $20.25/mo.

Backyard - $40.50/mo.


Area 7