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How to Prepare Recyclables

Newspapers, magazines and inserts and phone books:  Keep dry and clean. DO NOT mix with cardboard, brown paper bags, plastic bags or twine. Place in bins loose. Remove any ties or bags.
Cardboard and paperboard:  Break down boxes. Keep dry and clean.  DO NOT mix with junk mail, magazines, newspaper or plastic bags.
Office paper:  Remove rubber bands, paper clips. Place in bins loose.
Aluminum cans:  Rinse, crush.
Steel cans:  Rinse, crush. Place lids in can. Do not need to remove labels.
Plastic bottles, jugs, jars, trays, baskets, yogurt and butter containers:  Rinse, crush.  Do not need to remove labels.
Orange juice and milk cartons: Rinse and remove cap to prevent mildew.