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Residents who participate in Lexington County’s Franchise Waste Collection System also receive curbside recycling collection, and yard trimming collection. Following are helpful program guidelines. For additional information, please contact your service provider.

  1. Service provider will provide recycling collection service every other week.
  2. Do not place recycling in paper or plastic bags.
  3. Do not mix Recyclables with household garbage or yard trash.
  4. Upon request for service, the service provider will provide, at cost, one curbside recycling collection container to each subscriber and will bill the subscriber on their first quarter invoice.
  5. Customers can use containers other than those sold by the contractor as long as they are easily identifiable as recycling containers, hold a capacity of 18 gallons or less, and consist of seamless one-piece injection molded HDPE plastic with hand-holds. Such containers are generally available at discount retail chain stores and hardware/home improvement stores.


Recyclables must be free of food debris and liquids - please rinse containers


                        - Aluminum
(do not flatten)
                        - Steel/Tin (place lids inside cans, do not flatten)

                        - Bottles, Jugs and Jars
(remove caps)

                   PLASTICS (#1-7)
                        - Bottles, Jugs and Jars
(leave caps on, do not flatten)
                        - Buckets
Frozen dinner trays
                        - Yogurt and butter containers

                        - Cardboard boxes
                       - Junk mail and envelopes with plastic windows
                        - Magazines and soft covered books
                        - Newspapers and inserts
                        - Office paper and junk mail
                        - Orange juice and milk cartons
(flatten, leave cap off)
                        - Paper bags
                        - Paperboard boxes
                        - Phone books
                        - Pizza boxes 

                   EMPTY AERESOL CANS



                   Containers once containing hazardous materials

                   ELECTRONICS (accepted at retail stores, Edmund Landfill, Annual Recycling

                   Fluorescent bulbs (accepted at retail stores, Collection and Recycle Centers,
                                                        Edmund Landfill)

                   Plastic bags and plastic film and packaging (accepted at grocery stores)

                   Scrap Metal (accepted at Collection and Recycle Centers)

                   Styrofoam (include with household trash)