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Landfill: Frequently Asked Questions


Need additional information about the landfill?  Submit a question online or call (803) 755-3325.


When is the landfill open?

Monday – Saturday, 7 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.


How much does it cost to dispose of items at the landfill?

See Lexington County’s Solid Waste Fee Schedule 


Is there anything I should know when bringing debris to the landfill?
Yes. State law requires vehicles be properly equipped to prevent loose material from escaping by blowing or spilling. Please make sure your truck or trailer is securely tarped to prevent "accidental" littering. Also, make sure there are no holes or cracks in your truck or trailer bed.


Can I take items from the landfill?

No. There is no scavenging allowed at the landfill or any other Lexington County Solid Waste Management site.


Do you accept tires?
Yes. State law bans tires from the landfill. Lexington County Solid Waste Management collects tires at their facility, where they are sorted and recycled. If the tires can easily be counted, the disposal fee is $1.50 per tire. Otherwise, it is $150 per ton.


Do you accept appliances?

Yes. State law bans white goods (appliances) from the landfill. Lexington County Solid Waste Management collects white goods, where they are sorted and recycled. The disposal fee for refrigeration units is $15 per unit. These items are separated and sent for Freon extraction. Non-Freon white goods are $22 per ton. All units must be empty.


What if the Freon has been removed from the refrigeration unit?

You must present a statement from a certified EPA technician on letterhead with their EPA certification number.


How much longer will Lexington County’s Construction & Demolition (C&D) landfill last?

Like other landfills, Lexington County’s C&D landfill is divided into a series of sections called "cells."  Once a cell is filled to capacity, it will be closed and capped.  Other cells will be opened on the 498 - acre Solid Waste Management property, which has the capacity of approximately 100 years. Lexington County strongly promotes recycling, which can have a profound impact on the life expectancy of the landfill.