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Landfill Procedures

ScalemasterTo ensure safety at the landfill and surrounding facilities, Lexington County recently implemented an award-winning safety program that introduced specific procedures for employees and customers. Please familiarize yourself with the following procedures before visiting the landfill.


  1. Upon entering the landfill gates, you will see a small traffic light. When the light is green, drive forward to the scale, designated by yellow curb markings and yellow railings.
  2. At the end of the scale, stop. Secure your vehicle. Get out of the vehicle and approach the scale house window.
  3. You must always wear a safety vest at the facility. If you don't have one, the scale operator will request your driver’s license and lend you one. (Your license will be held until you return the vest.)
  4. The operator will record a weight for your load and process your payment, if one is due. At this time, the operator may also ask you some questions about your load and/or walk outside to examine it.
  5. The operator will direct you to the proper location to empty your load.
  6. Once your load is empty, pull toward the exit.  If you borrowed a vest, return to the scale house to return it and retrieve your license. If you drive off with the vest, you will have to pay for it.