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Keep Waste In Its Place   

Litter, defined as misplaced solid waste, is harmful to Lexington County and to South Carolina. Litter endangers our environment, our wildlife, and our economy. It pollutes our neighborhoods, decreases property values, and destroys our county’s natural beauty. Litter can also lead to increased crime; it signals to criminals that residents don’t care what happens in their neighborhood and makes the area more vulnerable.


Lexington County Solid Waste Management works hard to keep waste in its place, and asks that you do the same.  On this web site you will find information about litter laws, various litter cleanup programs, cleanup statistics, links to litter-related publications, and other helpful information. Hopefully, you will find this information helpful to assist in keeping Lexington County beautiful!


The First Step: Knowing More About Litter

Help Prevent Litter in Lexington County

Litter and the Law

Bust a Litterbug

How to Adopt-A-Highway in Lexington County

How to Adopt-A-Waterway in Lexington County


Did you know?

In Lexington County and in South Carolina it is illegal to operate a truck from which a load is blowing, falling, dropping, sifting, leaking or otherwise escaping and is a crime punishable by a maximum fine of $1,087 and a minimum of 15 hours of litter pick-up?  Litter clutters Lexington County roadways and waterways, decreases the beauty of our county, and decreases property value.


According to PalmettoPride, unsecured loads are the number one source of litter in South Carolina and are illegal in South Carolina and Lexington County.  Please remember to secure your load and tarp as needed when traveling to and from the county’s collection and recycling centers and landfill.  

Littering Resources:

Litter and the Law
State Littering Law
PalmettoPride (report a litterbug)