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Recycling News and Events


2017 Event Schedule & Information

    Next Event:

         11 Mar - Batesburg-Leesville

          (Electr RC, Tire Collection & Paper Shred)     






Recycling Information


Lexington County Recycling Brochure 

(recyclable items, curbside recycling, recycle locations and hours, For Sale - compost, mulch, compost bin) 


Curbside Recycling Collection

(See RC DIRTY DZN, for items NOT to be placed in Curbside rollcarts)


Recycling at Collection and Recycling Centers   

(11 Lexington County Centers)


Lexington County - Green Is Clean Month


Organics (clean wood and clippings) Recycling


* Backyard Composting


Some Harder to Recycle Items

(see also the Lexington County Recycling Brochure for more complete list)


Anti-Freeze and Cooking Oil Recycling


Used Motor Oil Recycling  

Books - Hard Cover (only reusable books accepted)
- very outdated books can still be recycled by removing the hardcovers and putting the contents of the book in the Newspaper/magazine container.
(accepted at the Bush River Collection Center)


Carpet and Carpet Padding & Foam


Cooking Oil


Electronics Recycling 

(accepted at Edmund Landfill, and scheduled events) 



- All eleven Collection and Recycle Centers and Edmund Landfill

- Home Improvement Retail Stores @ CFL Recycling area



(accepted at Edmund Landfill)


Paint & Pesticides

(accepted during Household Hazardous Waste events (HHW), see Lexington County Event Information and Schedule sheet) 


Prescription Medication


Frequently Asked Questions