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Wood Grinding and Compost Facility


Edmund Wood Grinding and Compost Facility Announcements


Shredded Wood Mulch Now Available


Shredded Wood Mulch is available for pick-up by residents, businesses or municipalities at the Edmund Wood Grinding and Compost Facility located at 498 Landfill Lane, Lexington, SC 29072. Please note that shredded mulch has not been refined, colored or treated and is not recommended for use directly against a residence or building. Mulch is suitable for around trees, gardens, erosion control areas, along water ways or trails.


Charges for the mulch are:

Pickup Truck or Small Trailer: 

$10.00 per load (2.8 cubic yards=two bucket loads)

Large Vehicles:

$20.00 per ton (Any size)


For more information, please contact the Lexington County Solid Waste Management Department at 803-755-3325.


Help Turn Wood Waste Into Fuel


Clean wood waste is now being accepted at the Edmund C&D Landfill and the Ball Park, Bush River, Chapin, Edmund and Sandhills Collection and Recycling Centers for grinding. Clean wood waste includes: branches and shrubbery (with minimal leaves), stumps, clean lumber (residential waste only), and pallets only (no pine straw or leaves). At the designated Collection Centers, place the clean wood waste in the compactor labeled “Clean Wood Only”. At the landfill, the scale house attendant will direct you where to take the clean wood.


Before coming to the landfill, separate the clean wood from other trash and construction debris. The wood chips will be marketed as boiler fuel. Currently, yard debris is buried in the Lexington County Edmund C&D Landfill. Grinding the clean wood will extend the life of the landfill and save other natural resources from being used as boiler fuel. For more information on the wood waste grinding, contact the Edmund Landfill at (803) 755-3325.


Accepted as Clean Wood Waste:
Clean Lumber
Wood Crates


NOT Accepted as Clean Wood Waste (C&D):
Pine Straw
Root Mats
Painted Wood
Treated Lumber

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