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Clerk of Court Quick Tips


 ServicePhone Numbers

 Applying for a Public Defender


(803) 785-8549
 Child Support

(803) 785-8212

Choose the Family Court Option. You will need your Personal Identification Number and/or Docket Number.


 Common Pleas Court


(803) 785-8398

 Criminal Court Matters


(803) 785-8553
 Family Court

(803) 785-8212

Choose the Family Court Option.


 Filing Fees

(803) 785-8392


 For information about which solicitor is assigned to your case


(803) 785-8352

 Jury Duty


(803) 785-8420

Speeding Tickets


(803) 785-2518


Services of the Office


  • Acceptance of child support or fine payments.
  • When mailing payments for child support or fines, be sure to write your case number on your money order or cashiers check. This will prevent your payment from getting applied to the wrong account.
  • Issuance of firework licenses.
  • Registration of notary commissions.
    To register your notary commission you must bring the large original certificate to our office. We will stamp and seal the back and you must sign our register. There is a $5.00 fee.

 Speeding Tickets


The Clerk of Court's office does not handle speeding tickets. If you have received a speeding ticket from any law enforcement agency in Lexington County, you will need to check the area on the ticket that states where you are to appear for court.


If you are to appear at Traffic Court, 139 East Main Street, Lexington, S.C., please call (803) 785-2518. If you are to appear at Town of Lexington, 111 Maiden Lane, Lexington, S.C., please call (803) 951-4634. If you have lost your ticket and are not sure where you are to appear for court, please call the Department of Motor Vehicles at (803) 896-5000. 

For more information, click this link.


Deeds, Plats and Mortgages


The Clerk of Court does not have information on deeds, plats, mortgages or tax liens. You will need to call the Register of Deeds for this information at (803) 785-8168.


Help Us Serve You Better


  • Attach all exhibits or attachments mentioned in a pleading.
  • Attorneys, please do not have your client call us to inquire about their order in a divorce or any other type of case.
  • Clearly define Plaintiffs and Defendants on all filings and actions (please be as brief as possible).
  • Employees of the Clerk of Court's office cannot give legal advice.
  • Ensure paperwork is being filed in the proper county.
  • Ensure paperwork is completed properly before filing.
  • Have all documents in order before filing.
  • Have the correct case number on all pleadings filed.
  • Inform Clerk's office when a case has ended.
  • Notify Clerk's office of attorney's change of address.
  • Provide a self-addressed, stamped envelope if you need filed copies mailed back to you.
  • Provide all required forms when filing a new case.
  • Read all documents carefully before calling for information.
  • Supply the address of opposing attorney (if applicable) on orders.
  • Type or print judge's name below signature line on orders.