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Employee Benefits


Lexington County offers a full range of benefits to full-time employees including health, dental and life insurance, retirement, deferred compensation and compensated leave. Some of these benefits are available to regular part-time employees. The following basic description is provided as an overview of the benefits program and is not a substitute for complete information provided to employees during the employee orientation period. The information provided is subject to change.


Health and Dental Insurance
The County of Lexington offers medical and dental coverage to all full-time employees who are working at least 30 hours per week as well as their eligible dependents . The County's insurance program is self-funded, with a third party administrator to process claims. The County utilizes the Blue Cross and Blue Shield of South Carolina PPC network.


Group Term Life
The County of Lexington provides a life insurance plan for its employees. The County provides a benefit of 1.5 times the Basic Annual Earnings to a maximum of $50,000 (minimum of $12,500) of Term Life and Accidental Death and Dismemberment (AD&D) coverage. Employees have the option purchasing additional insurance for themselves as well as their family members.


Flexible Benefits Plan
Full time employees are eligible to participate in the County's Flexible Benefits Plan. The plan offers a variety of pre-tax supplemental insurance products, flexible-spending accounts, and post-tax insurance plans. Management of the Flexible Benefits Plan and the flexible spending accounts is provided by AmeriFlex. Insurance products are made available by Colonial Life Insurance Company.


Deferred Compensation and Tax Deferred Annuities
Employees can elect a non-matching payroll deduction to set aside income on a pretax basis through the State's South Carolina Deferred Compensation Program. The State offers a 457 and 401(K) program.


South Carolina Retirement Systems
The County participates in the South Carolina Retirement System (SCRS) and the South Carolina Police Officers Retirement System (PORS). Benefits at retirement are based on the member's average final compensation and years of credited service. Employees contribute a pre-tax amount to the system. Employer contributions are made by the County of Lexington.


Compensated Leave
Annual Leave: Regular full-time employees earn annual leave commensurate with the number of years of service. Regular employees who are normally scheduled to work at least twenty(20) hours or more but less than forty (40) hours per week earn annual leave at a rate of one-half the scheduled accrual.


 Number of Years of Service Annual Leave Days
 1-5  10
 5-10  15
 10 or more  20


Sick Leave

Regular full-time employees accrue sick leave at a rate of one (1) day per month of service. Part-time employees accrue at one-half the full time rate.


Funeral Leave

All employees are granted up to three (3) consecutive days of leave with pay and without loss of accrued annual or sick leave in the event of the death of a specified relative.


All regular (non-shift) full time and part time employees observe paid holidays as declared by County Council.


Direct Deposit
All employees of the County are required to utilize the direct deposit system. Earnings are electronically transferred to the employee's bank or credit union. County employees are eligible to join the SAFE Federal Credit Union.



Lexington County Human Resources Department
Lexington County Administration Building, 6th Floor
212 South Lake Drive, Suite 604
Lexington, South Carolina 29072
TEL: (803) 785-8225
FAX: (803) 785-8379

Lexington County is an Affirmative Action/Equal Opportunity Employer.