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PortO2VentTM  Continuous Positive Airway Pressure Device (CPAP)

Michigan Instruments Inc. LIFE-STAT 1008 Mechanical CPR Device








A gas-powered device that delivers non-invasive Continuous Positive Airway Pressure (CPAP) to spontaneously breathing patients who are awake and can maintain a patent airway. The PortO2Vent Oxygen Delivery System delivers CPAP at operator adjustable levels throughout the breathing cycle, independent of the patient’s inspiratory flow requirements. CPAP is an effective treatment:

  • Reduces the intubation rate in CHF patients between 50-80%
  • Reduces the length of stay in the hospital (LOS)
  • Reduces the nosocomial infection rate
  • Improves patient outcomes






  • Secured with LIFE-STAT® Patient Restraint System (PRS)
  • Massager Pad facilitates stable, safe chest compressions
  • Complete chest recoil provided
  • Compatible with ITD and ITPR devices
  • Works on large range of patient sizes including bariatric patients
  • Light weight - 16 lbs. (19.5. lbs w/base)
  • Powered by Compressed Oxygen (50-90 psi)
  • Will provide CPR for extended periods using light-weight carbon fiber oxygen cylinders
  • Electronic control
    • Switch from 30:2 to CCV mode
    • Pause/Resume CPR
    • Uses long-life 9 volt battery supply
    • Batteries can be “hot swapped" out while unit is running