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Land Development Manual
(effective beginning January 1, 2017)


Appendix A. - Application Forms

Residential Erosion Protection & Sediment Control Application

Small Commercial Land Disturbance Permit Application

SCDHEC Notice of Intent

SCDHEC Individual Lot Notice of Intent

SCDHEC Transfer of Ownership Application Form

Lexington County Transfer of Ownership Application

SCDHEC Notice of Termination



Appendix B. - Construction General Permit

Construction General Permit



Appendix C. - BMP Manual




Appendix D. - Stormwater Design Manual

BMP Construction Details

Option B - Unified Sizing Criteria (USC) Design Spreadsheets:
a. USC Comprehensive Stormwater Design Summary
b. Bioretention Design Summary
c. Enhanced Swale Design Summary
d.Infiltration Trench Design Summary

Option A and B - Comprehensive Stormwater Design Summary Tables

Stormwater Pollution Prevention Plan Requirements

No Discharge Pond Design Guidance

Vegetation Specifications

Commercial Designer Checklist

Residential Designer Checklist

Operation and Maintenance Plan Packet

SCDHEC Current 303d List and TMDL Information

Georgia Stormwater Management Manual - First Edition



Appendix E. - Post Construction

As-Built Checklist

Financial Assurance and Warranty Agreement Process

Grassing Agreement Process

Financial Assurance and Warranty Agreement Process



Appendix F. - Flood Damage Prevention

Application Instructions for Residential Construction in Special Flood Hazard Areas

Lexington County Floodplain Development Permit Application



Appendix G. - Definitions