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Lexington County Administration Building are open Monday - Friday 8am to 5pm.


Lexington County Land Development Staff participates in various education and outreach activities to inform Image of Fishthe citizens of Lexington County of the importance of protecting and preserving the County’s natural resources.  Staff has worked with homeowner associations to stencil storm drains, visited schools for career day, spoken to local civic organizations and hosted workshops.


Lexington County is a member of the Lexington Countywide Stormwater Consortium (LCSC).  Comprised of the communities of Cayce, South Congaree, Springdale, West Columbia, Irmo, Pine Ridge, the Town of Lexington, and Lexington County, the goal of the consortium is to enhance water quality throughout the Consortium area through education, involvement and outreach, and by fostering partnerships with local governments, citizens, businesses and organizations to support healthy, fishable and swimmable waterways. 


You can learn more by visiting the Lexington Countywide Stormwater Consortium website at



Dog ownership can provide lots of love and companionship for a person or family.  Walking a dog is great exercise for the animal and the owner, but failing to pick up your dog’s waste is not only a public nuisance and health hazard, it is harmful to the environment and is against the law.  See Ordinance 17-01, Section 10-34 (i).   For more information on the environmental impact, the Lexington County animal control ordinance and how individuals can help, click on the link below: 


Free Pet Waste Stations for Neighborhoods and Businesses:

The Lexington Countywide Stormwater Consortium makes pet waste stations available at no cost to home owners associations, neighborhood watch groups and dog related businesses.  See photo below.  To receive a pet waste station for your neighborhood or business, complete and submit the request form (PDF).

Image of a Pet Waste Station


Water Quality and Air Quality Presentations

Do you want to know more about water quality in Lexington County? Is your group trying to find ways to make your organization more environmentally friendly? Lexington County’s Environmental Coordinator can come to your school, civic group, or neighborhood association to talk about water quality issues in Lexington County. For more information call 803-785-8121.


Environmental Education Booths

Lexington County Land Development Division can assist with your special events, including school science/construction career days, festivals and/or community fairs. We can come out with our Environmental “Wheel of Sustainability” where people get the chance to spin the wheel and test their knowledge of environmental issues for the chance to "win" various educational materials. For more information contact the Land Development Division at (803) 785-8121.


Green Steps Environmental Education

Green Steps is an environmental education initiative that encourages individual schools to take annual steps toward becoming more environmentally responsible. Each year, participating schools work on a comprehensive, sustainable project. Mentors from the public and private sectors offer guidance in planning, executing and judging school projects. Lexington County Land Development Division is a Green Steps partner and can assist Lexington County schools that want to participate in water and air quality projects. For more information visit:


Car Wash Fundraiser Program

Car wash fundraisers are an important means for an organization to raise money, but if the wash water from the car wash isn’t handled properly, it can be harmful to the environment.  Car wash fundraisers are usually held in the parking lots of local businesses where the water from the car wash enters the storm drain.  The water that enters a storm drain doesn’t go to a wastewater treatment facility where it is cleaned.  Instead the water empties directly into local creeks, rivers and streams.  All of the pollutants that are in the wash water (soaps, oils, metals, etc.) go down the storm drain and are deposited in local waterways.


LCSC has partnered with local commercial car wash operators to assist groups with meeting their fundraising goals without holding the traditional (time consuming and labor intensive) car wash.    Commercial car washing facilities direct their wash water to the sanitary sewer where the wash water is treated.  Most commercial car wash facilities use special equipment to conserve and recycle the wash water at their facility.  Using a commercial facility is the best choice when washing a car.  By meeting your fundraising goals through a partnership with a commercial car wash facility, your organization can ensure that your next fundraiser will not be harmful to the environment.


Community groups can purchase discounted car wash coupons from participating facilities that they can then re-sell!  It’s quick, easy and safe for the environment.



Franks Car Wash
4578 Sunset Blvd. Lexington
516 Columbia Avenue, Lexington
1113 Lake Murray Blvd., Irmo

Sunset Car Wash & Detail Shop
1918 Sunset Blvd., West Columbia

Al’s Car Wash & Detail Shop
1119 Charleston Hwy, West Columbia


This program is sponsored by the Lexington Countywide Stormwater Consortium and the participating commercial car wash facilities.  The Car Wash Fundraiser Program applies to community groups with 501(c)3 status, school groups and civic organizations.

 For more information about the program contact Lexington County’s Environmental Coordinator at 803-785-8121.