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After a Fire

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After a Fire Guide - Click here for brochure


  • After a fire, items inside of the structure can be badly damaged and contain harmful contaminants. Also, floors and walkways may be weakened due to charring or water damage. Check with the fire department prior to reentering the building. 
  • There may be holes in walls, the roof, and the ceiling, possibly in undamaged areas. These are made by the professional fire fighters to ensure that a fire is fully extinguished.Image of Ladder Trucks


  • If you have insurance, whether it is homeowners or renters, you should call your insurance company as soon as possible and notify the landlord or property manager. If you are uninsured, contact the local Red Cross at 803.540.1200. You may also want to contact the Salvation Army, religious organizations, community groups, and nonprofit crisis-counseling centers.
  • A copy of the fire incident report will help you in talking with your insurance company and landlord about the incident. A fire report can be obtained by calling Lexington County Fire Service Headquarters at 803.785.8287.
  • You need to contact the mortgage company in regards to the fire.
  • During the course of a fire, the fire department may ask your utility services to come out and disconnect services such as water, electric, or gas. These services should not be reconnected without evaluation by a professional.
  • Any food, beverage, or medicine should not be consumed. The American Red Cross will assist in obtaining any emergency prescriptions.
  • Pets should be taken to a local veterinary office after a fire for a checkup to identify any hidden injuries or burns. If your pet was lost during the fire, contact Lexington Animal Control Service and advise them of the situation and a description of your pet.
  • The IRS may have special benefits for people recovering from fire loss. IRS contact phone number is 1-866-562-5227. Also, keep any receipts that you obtain during your rebuilding phase. The IRS may need these to prove your loss on your tax return.
  • Try to find valuable documents and records. Copies can be obtained through either the state, county or federal government.
    • Driver's License
    • Auto Registration
    • Bank Books
    • Insurance Policies
    • Military Discharge Papers - DD214
    • Passports
    • Birth, Death, Marriage and Divorce Certificates and papers
    • Social Security and Medicare Cards
    • Credit Cards
    • Titles to Deeds
    • Stocks and Bonds
    • Wills
    • Medical Records
    • Warranties
    • Tax Records
    • Citizenship Papers
    • Animal Registrations
    • Mortgage Papers