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Aerial Truck

An Aerial Truck is a fire apparatus that is equipped with a hydraulically operated ladder that is capable of elevating firefighters or firefighting water to a height unobtainable by the use of ground ladders provided on an engine apparatus. The aerial truck is outfitted with the tools and equipment that is commonly found on an engine but is further outfitted with forcible entry tools, extra ground ladders and specialty rope rescue/high elevation rescue equipment. Even though the aerial truck is equipped similarly to that of an engine, it only has approximately 300 gallons of water on board.

Aerial trucks that have a basket (sometimes known as a bucket) mounted at the top of the ladder, are called tower ladders. These appliances can provide a secure place for a firefighter to operate equipment from, and allow multiple people, including rescued persons, to be carried.

LCFS operates four aerial apparatus and they are housed at these locations: 
Station 5 – South Congaree – Ladder 5 
Station 9 – Oak Grove – Ladder 9
Station 10 – Lexington – Tower 10 
Station 11 – Chapin – Ladder 11 


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Fire Truck Fire Truck
Fire Truck Fire Truck
Fire Truck Fire Truck