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Lexington County Administration Building are open Monday - Friday 8am to 5pm.


Lexington County Firefighters are frequently confronted with situations that require quick reactions based on special skills, judgment and decision making ability. The Lexington County Fire Service Training Division manages a comprehensive training program that ensures that firefighters are prepared for those situations.

The roles of the Training Division:
1. To prepare career recruits to be entry-level firefighters.
2. To prepare volunteer firefighter candidates to be volunteer firefighters.
3. To develop and coordinate company and multi-company trainings for career and volunteer firefighters.


The Training Division also ensures that all current personnel comply with state and federal mandates regarding certification requirements and maintenance. Advanced and specialized technical training, along with professional and career development, are provided to all members of the department throughout the ranks.

The Lexington County Fire Training Center consist of a five story drill tower, a two story live fire burn building, a driving course, live fire flammable gas and liquid props, and various vehicle and hazmat training props. Classroom sessions are held in two fifty person climate controlled classrooms with multi-media projection equipment.

The Lexington County Fire Training Center is located at 436 Ball Park Road, Lexington S.C. 29072. For more information on the Lexington County Fire Training Division contact Assistant Chief Nathan Prouse at 803-785-8287 or